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How IoT is improving transportation?

How IoT is improving transportationTransportation and logistics are essential components to many businesses – sometimes by air, by ground or by sea. To track performance and quality of services, access to real-time data is essential and critical. Inefficiencies caused due to lack of visibility could cause real damages in terms of costs. There are a number of factors such as the unpredictable nature of fuel costs, rising labor costs, unpredictable traffic and many times a changing regulatory environment that make operations especially challenging in the transportation industry – and profitability are threatened. In order to improve operational efficiency and performance, it is essential that businesses get visibility into personnel, equipment, and transactions – real time. The Internet of Things along with mobile technologies has...


Rental Marketplace Dedicated To Empowering Consumers

Rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers bigRight from property search to construction to signing contracts and rentals – technology has definitely made an inroad into the real estate industry in many ways. All these cumulatively will reshape the future of the real estate industry. Technology facilitates property discovery, map-based location services, amenities based searches, dynamic pricing models, Emi services, online agreements, and 360-degree videos and property bookings. The proliferation of property listing websites has completely changed the face of the rental marketplace too. Here are some ways in which the rental marketplace tech trends are empowering customers: Chatbots: Chatbots make it easy to address simple customer queries. The more advanced chatbots support ‘talk’ instead of ‘text’. People searching for real estate rentals can talk to a...


Unity Framework a boon or Curse for Native App Developers?

Unity Framework a boon or Curse for Native App Developers?The unity framework has gained a lot of attention from game developers due to its quirky features, supportive pricing, and rich features. It has the ability to function as a cross-platform games development tool and saves developers time as they do not need to code for two separate platforms. So, for native app developers, does unity come as a boon or is it perceived as a curse? Over the years, Unity has become one of the best apps for games development. In this era where visual treats are given more preferences, frameworks like Unity can effectively render 2D scenes as well as 3D scenes. It offers high-quality renderings as compared to most of the other available software. Further, unity is...


Wondering what the future of industry looks like under the influence of IoT?

influence of IoTConnected appliances, autonomous cars, connected healthcare etc. – the ramifications of IoT are much more than these. IoT is likely to penetrate into more familiar industries – the ones that people barely think of while thinking of technology. It opens up a host of opportunities and a potential of new threats. Let’s take a look at some of the, perhaps unexpected ways in which IoT will influence other industries: Advertising With IoT, connections are established between everything from wearables to cars to other smart appliances. This creates a completely new channel and screens for advertising. Smart devices also enable the gathering of more granular data on customer patterns, preferences, and movements that helps marketers tailor advertising to maximum effect and...



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